About the company

Svea Power is a tech company that offers products and consulting services for the electric power industry with experience that extends all the way to the ASEA era.

Svea Power was founded in 2015 in Enköping, Sweden. Our areas of focus are within excitation systems (AVR), hydro turbin governors, relay protection and automation systems for hydro power plats. We offer our products globally but mainly within the Nordic region.

We at Svea Power invest in long-term and quality.



Delivered projects

Ping-pong matches

“Our business concept is to sell qualified products / expert services in the electric power industry. By offering our customers flexible standard solutions with a high level of expertise, we at Svea Power will make ourselves attractive and competitive in our business area.”


Svea Power should be a competitive supplier of complete electric and automation projects to hydro power plants. 


  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Fast service
  • Expertise in electricity and automation
  • Problem solving

Mästergatan 7 BV
SE-745 37 Enköping, Sweden 

+46 (0)70 424 40 33

+46 (0)73 800 33 69